Interesting things to do with old laptop

Are you now feeling bore from your old laptops and planning to throw it in garbage????The read this article because lots of more stuff can be done, instead of throwing your once past loved laptop.

Donate Hardware

Your old laptop might not be good for your because you already have upgrade version of it, but there are millions who still need laptops with your old hardware, because whether it is of no use for you, but not for them. There are many people for whom your old laptop is alike Apple’s iPad. So better you donate the hardware, rather than throwing it. Its not any head aching
task. All work can be done online. All you need is to point your browser to freecycle website. Free cycle has millions of users worldwide that need your hardware. So I don’t think it will be good to throw the gadget into garbage along with other useless things, when some people are dreaming of it.

old laptop

Use it as Clock

One another good idea is of turning the old laptop into clock. For this you can use* Banshee Screamer by hanovsolutions .*Just download the package, install it and get the high display featured Clock. This clock will display time from some internet server which will be accurate in milliseconds as well.

Use it as Wireless Bridge

This is going to strike your mind if your are in the field of networking. Windows XP has the ability to work as a network bridge between Hub and Wireless network.

To do so Go the Control Panel, Networks and Connections and from there click the connection and right click to select the wireless connection option. Right-clicking offers the option to bridge the two cards. You can see all the instructions and trouble shooter regarding this on Microsoft’s
official website as well.

Install Linux

The common reason behind throwing the laptop is mostly the hardware problem. Because the hardware of our laptop is not able to run the programs with good speed.

So the good idea is to install Linux on it. Linux requires less resources to work than Windows XP. So it can also be used as an alternate to keep using your old laptop.

Upgrade the hardware

The another cool idea you can go for is of hardware upgrade. Sometimes it is possible there may be only one hardware which may be causing problem. For example it may be Laptop’s RAM which is causing slow speed of your laptop and because of slow operations you want to throw it. Then better than going for the new laptop completely, why not go for only RAM upgrade. Because by putting this wise step you can save your hard earned money and can also
prevent the use of Cool gadget(some day it was cool, is not it??) as a garbage.


If you want to buy a new laptop, whatever it happens then you can use the idea of Recycling. Actually there are lots of Laptop retailers which are giving schemes of replacing Your old laptop with the new one on the cost of small amount of money. By recycling you can buy new Laptop as less cost and also can get rid of your old one in a better way.


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