Introducing “Whatsapp” for the Android Monitoring apps

The Android is growing like a charm from the past some years and same its apps are. Actually the growing use and popularity of the Android is, its growing no. of apps. Because no one looks for the internal hardware features now, as they are static and can’t be changer over the periods of time. But the apps are the way by which we can stay our old phones updated, In fact the apps keep our interest in the old phones.


If we talk about the apps of Android, then there is not any competitor in this field. The Android developers are increasing day by day and so the number of apps are. All these efforts has reached the no. of apps to the 2,50,000 mark in the Android Market.

So here is the another cool Android app and this time it is “Whatsapp“. This app is chat app and allows you to chat with your online friends. For this, the app do not cost you anything, because all the process is based on the Internet. Means you need only the internet connection and nothing else.

This app is great is in its features, But there are plenty of apps already there in the Android Market of the same category, then what is the special in this new chat app’?? Why users should leave all other resources and only go for this app??

Well, the answer is, the unique feature in it. That unique feature is giving you access to access the chat data any time. This is done via the Android Monitoring apps. There are plenty of Monitoring apps, that are the part of Android market. The other chat apps developed for Android so far, are also good as chat client, but none of the previous chat app allow you to keep the track of the chat log. In fact no other chat provides the feature of using spy tools with them.

The “Whatsapp” is the only app till date on which you can use the Android spy or Monitoring tools. Having monitoring apps installed on the target devices, you will be able to record all the key strokes and the messages. All these data is stored in the online account, that you create along with the monitoring apps. As soon as a message is tracked or monitored, it gets saved in your online account. You can access this data anytime by signing in to your online account. So you can check the previous conversations, with your friends anytime you want.

The “Whatsapp” is person to person chat client. That os it allow to share the messages between one person and the other and that also with fast responses. All this need the internet connection only and you do not need to pay any single buck to your Network provider for any call rates.

The other good feature comes out is that, as it is based on the internet only, so it will prove very help full in the situations, where the network is not available. So in the cases, where no network is available to make call, but yes there is Wi Fi facility on the same field, then you can still have communication with your friend by making use of the WiFi internet connection on this great Android app. Rest the monitoring facility is always there to record the messages.

This app is must have app for every Android user and the one other attractive feature of this app is that it is “free” app. You can access all the features of this cool Android app, without paying anything.


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