Interesting iOS 6 Features that You Didn’t Know

With an aim to make your everyday activities simple, Apple released its free software iOS 6 which was welcomed by iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users. The new operating system has mixed reactions among experts. Except for the iOS maps, the operating system has plenty of other features that have not been revealed by Apple.

It is time for us to stop brooding over the iOS 6 maps and explore the interesting features.  These features are pretty cool and Apple has well understood the mind of a modern user. The hidden secrets of iOS 6 are:

  • Guided Access
  • Guided Access – a new feature is of great help to users who are visually impaired and having difficulty in learning, hearing and other disabilities. Parents and teachers can limit the usage of iOS devices by children. You can limit the area of usage in certain areas of the screen. This feature can be used to prevent younger children from leaving a game or a particular app.

    Customize this feature by going to Settings and then choose General. Click on “Accessibility” and from this option select “Guided Access”. If you want to launch a game app, launch it and the Home button needs to be tapped three times continuously. This will never allow the user to come out of the game, till you follow the tapping procedure and give the exact password.

    • Emoji Keyboard

    You might ask what’s special about this. Though this is an exciting feature, it has taken a new avatar in iOS 6. Yes, it leaves you with plenty of Emoji icons. The Emoji keyboard can be installed in all idevices including iPhone 5. How do you activate this? Go to Settings and choose the “General” option. You will find “Keyboard”, then choose ”Keyboards” and Add New Keyboard. Now scroll through the list and select “Emoji”.

    Now that you have activated it, your keyboard will display a small icon representing a globe on its left side.  With a gentle tap, you can toggle between the Emoji keyboard and the English keyboard. If you have several keyboards, a tap on the globe icon will take you through all of your keyboards.

    • Ad Tracking

    Many hate the idea of targeted ads on iOS devices. But Apple has brought the “Limit Ad Tracking” feature to put an end to the targeted ads. However finding this setting is not an easy task. It is deeply buried within the “Settings” option. Choose”General” and select “About”. Click on “Advertising” out of the many options available.

    You need to switch off this feature in order to avoid targeted ads. Just “turn on” this feature and voila you block the apps from sending you targeted advertisements. However the accuracy of this feature is still not determined.

    • Alarm Sounds

    Clock alarm that wakes you every morning can be customized. The pre-loaded sounds when continuously heard are definitely annoying. You can choose to set your favorite song or music as ringtone. Starting a morning with favorite music is now possible. Activating this is extremely simple. Locate the “Clock” icon on the screen and open it.

    The screen displays various options and you need to select the “Alarm” tab. Select the “Edit” button to make the necessary changes. Use the “Sound” option to select a song from your library.

    • DND (Do Not Disturb)

    How many times have you popped up in bed listening to the ringing sound of a message or call? It is more than likely that each one of you would have experienced. This feature has come to put an end to drunk dials, Facebook updates and others.

    Activate this by clicking on Settings and selecting “Notifications”. You will find “Do Not Disturb” option in the Notifications. Customize this option and you can allow calls from a set of contacts or repeated calls to pass through.

    There might be more features hidden inside the OS. If you have crossed something, you are welcome to mention it in the comments below.








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