IOS Vs JellyBean : Which Is Better?

New versions of IOS and Windows Phone are about to be officially released in the upcoming months, while the fans of the popular Android JellyBean can already enjoy the latest version on some of the new terminals. The war in the operating system world for mobile phones has begun, but with all these, only two names can actually raise to the expectations – IOS and JellyBean. These days, people no longer make decisions according to a specific phone brand. The brand is less relevant today, although most major names in the industry come with similar characteristics. They have taken the status of a mobile phone to a new entry level and the technology has never been more advanced. Therefore, most customers are now making their decisions according to the operating system. It is not unusual to see potential customers asking about the operating system first and then to see what available gadgets there are.

Android JellyBean

Analyzing your Needs

In order to determine which operating system is better, you must identify your needs and necessities first. What do you actually expect? Take a look over the common features each system has first. The differences are quite small. First of all, IOS is obviously a default option for the Apple products. This means that if you opt for it, you cannot opt for other devices. On the other hand, Android JellyBean is available for a wide range of terminals. The calling features are also different. If the Apple products have a series of options, such as reminding you later or visual voicemail, Android has concentrated on integrated Internet calling, which is normal, considering the manufacturer’s status.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

The pluses of one operating system are the minuses of the other one and vice versa. You cannot really expect to find native music tagging in any Apple product, but it may be worthless if you don’t count on this feature. If you know you love to do it, opt for an Android terminal then. But what if you like offline reading lists? Android cannot support this feature, which is very popular among the Apple users. The browsers differ too, as well as the application store. JellyBean store may not be the most comprehensive one in the world, but it is younger than the application store of Apple. Although it is continuously growing, it still has a lot to catch up. In the end, the automobile integration from Apple or its Wi-Fi syncing possibilities come as two extra pluses.

Coming to a Conclusion

The other features are relatively alike, although both operating systems rely on different programs or applications. When trying to compare IOS with JellyBean only to determine which one is the best, it is impossible to reach to a final conclusion or come up with a proper report. JellyBean is excellent for the Android users, just like the Apple fans support IOS. If you are not part of any category and you are just willing to join one, make sure you know what your priorities and expectations are before going on with the investigation.

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