Is Your Smartphone Smart Enough?

When you stop to think about your smartphone, it is actually pretty amazing. We have essentially taken the humble cell phone and transformed it into a miniature computer that fits into our pockets. Yet very few of us have tapped its true potential. Check out some of the ways that your smartphone could be even smarter.

Start Accepting Credit Card Payments

If you are starting your own business, even if it is just selling homemade crafts, you may already know that getting set up with a credit card merchant is cost prohibitive for the small business owner. However, if you have a smartphone, you could use it to accept credit card payments thanks to apps such as Square and PayPal. You will need to purchase a small card reader device as well as the app, but once you have the right equipment, you will be off to a flying start.

Keep An Eye On Your Heart Rate

The iPhone camera can be used in conjunction with various apps to monitor your heart rate which is useful during exercise sessions. The apps use the intense light emitted by the camera to detect movement in the capillaries and then calculate the beats per minute. Isn’t that fascinating? We could never think of such cell phone features only a few years ago.

The Scanner In Your Pocket

Why not lose the bulky scanning equipment taking up valuable desk space and opt for the multitude of scanning apps available for your smartphone. There are scanners of all types out there including QR code scanners, bar-code readers, document scanners and many others. So whether you want to do a quick price check or record a copy of a cheque you are depositing, your smartphone can do it all.

Turn It Into A Tracking Device

With the help of a cell phone spying app, your smartphone could easily be turned into a very clever tracking device which you can follow using GPS. You might be wondering why you would ever want to do that, but consider these 3 situations:

1. You lose your mobile phone which contains a lot of personal information and work details. If you had a cell spy app installed you would be able to track down the phone using its GPS location. Some apps will even give you the opportunity to wipe the phone remotely.
2. If you have a relative who has difficulties including a metal illness or learning disability, it can be hard to allow them the freedom to go out on their own, but if you install a cell phone spy app on their mobile phone, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can follow their movements in case they get lost. This is also great for kids.
3. Lastly, if your child was ever abducted having the ability to pinpoint their GPS location would be invaluable.

These spy apps often offer additional features such as SMS spy tools, for example, which are useful for both parents and business owners.

Now that you have a few ideas, think about what your smartphone could do given the chance!

Author Bio: Tiffany Trepanier is a blogger, a writer, a tech-savvy mother. Tiffany does not miss any tech news as she covers for several tech blogs including Topspy.


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