Jelly bean and Android 4.1-a new era for the Rom developers

After Galaxy Nexus has announced its grand launch, now people are desperate to update the latest ROM on their gadgets. Yet a few ROM brands such as AOKP, BAMT and Cyanogen Mod have announced in catering you customize jelly bean fix.  They will be giving different names to Jelly Bean ROM. Cyanogen Mod would be calling it CynaogenMod 10, AOKP will call its ROM as AOKP…while BAMF is cooking up to say it Galaxy Nexus ROM paradigm. Although things are not very clear somewhere down the line, and it could observe 2.0 for its JB iteration.

Jelly bean

CM10: let’s see the approach

There are many questions regarding CM10. One of the strong questions about Cyanogen Mod is that why isn’t they calling it CM9.1.  As a matter of fact, it is going to increase .1 versions to the existing number and for each alphabetical version moving ahead there is an increment of 1.0 version number added to the earlier number. For instance, for CM6 the operating system was Android 2.2 froyo, CM7 it was Gingerbread, CM for honeycomb, and CM9 for Ice Cream Sandwich, while for Android Jelly Bean it is CM10.  It may be probably due to fact that nobody knows about how it is going to end up whether it is Android 4.2 or 5.0, but as per the trend CM responds to the 1st alphabetical as “J” stands at the 10 position.As far as something new in CM10 is concerned, CM is to keep the same machine as in CM9, but it is ready to give tough competition to its users.

AOKP:  a milestone in the competition

With AOKP customers are going to see more stable release, which is expected to get ready very soon. It is a making a premiere leap by redefining the enhancement after Jelly Bean upgrade. Of course the first version of Jelly Bean by AKOP is not going to come immediately but the code may hit to build 40, i.e.from milestone 5-milestone 6. Hence, you may say that AOKP is rewriting its previous Android version.

BAMF:  A new version

BAMF is not going to rewrite anything but trying to give its seamless services by jump from ICS to Jelly Bean. However, one thing should be noted here is that the BAMF paradigm works on different version of Galaxy Nexus, accepting CM codebase is not worth.

Suspecting the possibilities

The putting oneself in the shoes on ROM developers, one can imagine many creative things. With Cyanogen Mod and Team Kang we are surely going to receive some new notifications and may be Google is going to have some new exciting look.  Other possibilities are that this new version of ROM would include the weather forecast or not and other exclusive features.

After the Galaxy Nexus new Jelly Bean, a renaissance has been created in the world of technical gadgets. People are looking upto the better option features and fast processor that will give them a new experience.

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