Keeping Time Manually

When businesses want to keep time for each employee manually, they need to make sure that they are using hand punch time clocks. These clocks use paper cards that are punched by a digital clock system. The digital clock keeps the time all during the day, and the employee can see what time it is when they clock in. Also, the machine stamps their card with the proper time to make sure that there is a record of the employee entering or leaving work. When the business wants to have a reliable way to keep track of how much employees are working, it needs to make sure that it provides these machines.

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They Are Easy To Use

These machines are very easy for people to use because they have been around for over a century. These machines have been in use since the work force began working hourly in the way it does not. These machines are simply more modern than they used to be, but they still provide a simple record of when employees have worked.

The employee must use their card to punch the clock when they get to work, and they must make sure to punch the clock when they go to lunch or leave for the day. The cards are paper that can be edited easily, and more employers should require this of their employees.

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Editing The Cards

The employer can ask their employees to write down what they were doing when they punched the clock. The employee can write down that they came in, went to lunch, returned from lunch or left for the day. This makes it easy for accountants to reconcile the time from the cards, and the business will be able to produce accurate paychecks for all the employees every week.

When people are working in a traditional business, they must have a good way to track how much they have worked. These traditional clocks make it easy for people to punch the clock when they get to work. Also, these clocks show the time during the day so that there is never confusion about what time of day it is.


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