Keeping your computer data secured

If you want to keep your personal computing habits private then one of the best solutions to this is to use data encryption on the fly. On the fly means that your data will instantly be encrypted before it is saved, and decrypted after it is saved.

This will ensure that your computing activities such as downloading files, viewing videos, and chatting with online friends are done on an encrypted virtual drive (EVD).

How EVDs work is it creates a container file on a hard drive that contains a passphrase. Within this container the data you want to encrypt will be hidden inside and protected by strong encryption. Once you enter the correct passphrase into the encryption software it will mount the container file onto your machine. Mounting is the process in which the data files in the virtual drive will become unencrypted, or will be in a format in which you can read.


Without entering the correct passphrase the data in the virtual drive will be encrypted or illegible to users that view it. For these reasons I would highly recommend keeping your sensitive files such as your webhosting information, and online account passwords on an encrypted drive.

When you are ready to access the files on the virtual drive you can dismount or decrypt the information. However, just because you encrypt your files doesn’t mean that all of your computing history will be safeguarded. There are still some security leakages even if you do encrypt your files:

If you have a web browser that is installed to a non-encrypted location on your machine then all of the data that your browser saved such as the history, cookies, bookmarks, and cache will still be retrievable. Most recently used (MRU) data may still be in the registry locations on your unencrypted drives. Temporary files may still be left behind.

So remember, keep using the cleaning methods to remove the trace data which was discussed previously. The only way that the encrypted drive will hide these trace data is if you install the virtual drive over your entire operating system which is a little bit trickier to do, and is something that should be left to advance users.

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