Keyword Research Wrap-up

Once you have found a topic/niche/keyword that meets all of the previous criteria, and it’s something that you like and can learn to write about, you’ve just discovered a highly profitable niche.

I guarantee you that no one else is doing this. It’s so powerful. And, when you go through this process, it’s like you are a 100% sure that you have a money-making opportunity on your hands, and now it’s just a case of implementing the rest of the system outlined in this guide.

You can do so with complete confidence and not have to worry that you’ve made a misstep. This is a really, really great feeling, especially if you’re not making any money online yet. Knowing that you’re going to finally start making money online truly is an awesome feeling.indexaz

Just make sure to repeat the keyword research and analysis process until you have a list of 10-20 keywords that you can use as a starting point for you website.

In the next section we’ll go over how to properly build your site for success.

Keyword Research Review

  • · Hire a professional keyword researcher or use Market Samurai Make sure the keyword has a decent EXACT match search volume (min. 1,500 per month)

Make sure the keyword has a Phrase-to-Broad (PBR) ratio of 15% or greater.

Check for commercial intent (if there are Ad Words advertisers using your keyword in the ad copy, chances are you can make money from this niche).

  • Do a competitive analysis on the top 10 pages for your keyword?
  • ODo they have an average page rank over 3.5?
  • OHow many referring domains are there?
  • OHow is their on-page SEO? Are their Title tags, URLs, META Descriptions, and Header tags optimized with the keyword in them?
  • Repeat until you have 10-20 keywords in your niche that meet the previous criteria.

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