Live wallpapers for your Android

If you don’t know what a live wallpaper is already:

a) You are about to be amazed.


b) Where have been hiding?

A live wallpaper is basically the vamped up equivalent of that windows sign that bounced around your pc as a screen saver. Except this time it’s not bouncing around your oversized IBM monitor but your Samsung Galaxy S2 screen and it does not disappear the second you move the mouse or in this case perform a task with your finger or stylus. You can find live wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy s2 phones without much bother, just run a quick search.

Live wallpapers

Live wallpapers are one thing but apps for Android are really where you are going to source new material. Sure, live wallpapers will revitalise your device visually but will they tell you where the closest Vegan restaurant is? No, I don’t think so. Either way for a quick make over why not indulge yourself. You could have swaying palm trees or a dusty open plain, the possibilities are really endless.

As I’ve mentioned there are countless wallpapers available to spruce up your device. In the same way you might consider doing so in a neglected room in your home, considering doing the same with your phone. It is surprising what a real difference it makes. For instance, glancing down at my phone after downloading this was a welcome reminder of why I love Android so much. Seeing little Andy gliding through space cheers me up. Discover what lightens your mood and download a live wallpaper of your choice today.

Check out one of the many stores dedicated to this alone online today and let us know your preference in the comments below.


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