Lots of drift in blogging!

To a number of critics, blogging is a dead and gone phenomenon. How true is this? The years between 2000 and 2004 marked some of the best years for the blogging fraternity. This is when blogging was at its very peak with the number of blogs available in the World Wide Web increasing as the days passed by. However, as from 2005, the trend slowly began to change as various alternatives came to be with the rise in technology.

The various trends

The blogging platforms have been changing with time. It all started with the email lists that were not all that common. In the late 90’s and the following years, other platforms came about. It started with the Blogger, went on to the TypePad and then the common wordpress.com. This marked a major mile stone in the blogging industry as most writers aimed at coming about with their own platforms. This is when wordpres.org also came into play. From the Stealth mode domain for blogs to the SVBTLE domain; the whole game changed!

What changed?

In the past, blogs were more like virtual books. Writers simply sat down, and wrote down whatever flowed from their brainy minds. To many, blogging was an art that not all could do. It was an inspiring art that gave writers a way of expressing themselves as well as sharing vital information with their readers regarding various sorts of topics. Can the same be said about today? Definitely no! Blogs have today become some sort of online entertainment pages that anybody who knows how to use the internet can create. In fact, in the past, blogs were meant only for those that could create websites. This changed after the introduction of build-your-own-log kind of tools. A number of blog owners today simply originated their posts from social sites such as Facebook or other avenues such as Evernote and Goggle+. Twitter made it even worse as most people now prefer to storify their blog posts by first tweeting then posting the tweets as blogs.

Why many prefer modern “blogging”

Theses modern blogging means have changed the whole blogging scene in a major way. The use of highly technological applications and the fact that most bloggers today do not even take time to write on their blogs has completely eroded the traditional concept behind blogging. A very good example of such apps is Brunswick’s Tapestry that is made for mobile content blogging. Obviously, most people today are addicted to technology. Technology might be the reason behind the whole rise of blogging; but this was definitely not the idea meant for blogging by the ‘fathers of blogging’. Either way, majority of people still love the modern kind of blogging due to the various advantages is gives them. With the use of modern means of embedding media to blogs, this reduces the need for bloggers to write. Your blog can be a success by simply posting media. On the other hand, they offer various technological advantages such as the text are not as heavy with this new technology. Quality in terms of design is also improved with these new forms of technology.


Technology has take blogging to new heights, but has at the same time eroded the values that acted as the pillars for blogging in the past.



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