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Lumia 535 is the latest smartphone stunner, a first of its affordable kind by Microsoft. The company has also built the Lumia 730 with a stunning display, the low priced phone market has brought in an overload of colour to the Indian society, and the quality of design is on par with its high-end counterparts. The competition levels of the low price phone industry has become cut-throat, just like the exorbitantly pricy ones. It is a tough choice to pick between Microsoft Lumia 535 and Lumia 730. Let’s gauge through a full on comparison between the two devices and opt for the more desirable one.


Lumia 535 has a sturdier and bigger height dimension that Lumia 530, Microsoft has improved the design structure of the phone, to provide a greater customer attraction punch compared to its cousin Lumia 530. The phone has a 5 inch screen which is a 1 inch improvement from 4 inch screen used on Lumia 530. It is a dense phone that comes in a range of stunning vibrant colours, the edges of the devise is smooth, and consumers can easily carry the phone around without the feel of strain.
Lumia 730 is an up gradation from Lumia 720, and according to reports its appearance is similar to Lumia 920. The phone is dense and firm and offers optimum protection from breakage contributed by the potent polycarbonate shell painted with shiny polish. The edges are round and corners are sharp, the power button is not in the middle, and owners will take time to adapt to the position of the power switch, but after a while it becomes easy to handle. It is a light weight phone, which means the handling process is smooth and weights 130g.


The display resolution power of Microsoft Lumia 535 is impressive which is 960×540 pixels and improvement from Nokia Lumia 530 which is 854×480 pixels. The screen width is bigger and brighter, and the company has stated that it has added an extra display layer to enable effective readability under radiantly bright sunlight.
Lumia 730 is fitted with a 4.7 inch screen engineered with the advanced OLED technology and has a 720p resolution capacity. The screen has a potent Gorilla Glass 3 shielding and has the advanced Clear black display technology developed by Nokia, that enables viewers to view the depth of dark color technology and one can clearly observe knee deep dark and black shades. The colour output of the phone is magnificently rich. The viewing angles are fantastic and known to be superior to any other IPS smartphones priced within the Rs 15,000 to 20,000 bracket.


Microsoft Lumia 535 functions on Windows 8.1 built with the revolutionary Lumia Denim technology, and there are also many other upgrades from software biggie Microsoft. The operation of user interface (UI) is versatile, efficient and swift.
Lumia 730 is fitted with new range of pioneering software technologies developed by Microsoft. It runs on pre-fitted Windows 8.1, and some of the interesting features are Cortana, available in English language mode, new keyboard, quiet hours and so on. Microsoft enjoys a full ownership status of Nokia, and the firm has built its own apps, the operation nature of Windows 8.1 software is retained.


From the earlier descriptions of design and display, it is a known fact that 535 is among the improved products of Lumia series, and for some interesting piece of information, the best enhancements is engraved on camera technology. Lumia 535 is fitted with a potent 5MP front camera, and also 5MP back camera. Microsoft has incorporated the flash feature that works incredibly well with indoor shots, and the image quality under low-light circumstances was impressive, admirably worthy of its reasonable phone status.


Lumia 730 operates on an efficient 5MP lens with powerful focal length capacity of 24mm; it is designed with f/12.4 aperture and can effectively shoot wide angle images. It does not have front flash, and for those who want to engage in amazing selfie moments, Lumia 730 is said to be one of the most appreciative selfie phones. The camera technology infused into the devise is proficient; owners can incorporate brightness by adding filters to lighten teeth, skin tone and so on. The 6.7MP back camera is pretty impressive and is engineered with Nokia’s innovative Pure view technology.


Lumia 535 is inserted with a potent 1.2 GHz Qualcomm 200 quad core Snapdragon processor as well as 1GB of RAM. The internal storage capacity is 8GB and withholds microSD compartments that can be expanded to 128GB.
Lumia 730 is powered by 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor with 8GB internal storage and IGB of RAM. Its microSD card supports is expandable up to 128GB.
Battery and Connectivity:
Lumia 530 operates on an efficient 1905mAh battery which is among the best in reasonable smartphone range, and the available connectivity options are A-GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi and 3G.
Lumia 730 functions on 2,20mAh battery and supports vast connectivity options such as NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, microUSB 2.0, Wi-Fi, 3G and 2G.

Lumia 530 costs Rs 9,200 and Lumia 730 is priced at Rs 14,500.

Lumia 535 sports a more vivid and attractive exterior design compared to 730 and also a bigger screen display. Lumia 535 has a superior display capacity, the two phones run on the revolutionary Windows 8.1 software; Lumia 730 supports a higher diversity of apps and features. Lumia 730 is inserted with a more radiant and robust camera technology and the inbuilt storage and hardware efficiency of both phones are the same. Lumia 730 has an edge over 530 with regard to battery power and connectivity.
Lumia 730 and 535 phones are equally enviable and both have equal level of feature richness for the price offered. The two devices are ideal for those who enjoy mobile products enriched with colour and the user experience is certainly enriching. Consumers can hope to encounter versatility with both phones in terms of business delegations and fun-filled recreation.
Lumia 535 and 730 are cut-throat competitors of the affordable colourful phone segment.

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