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Following on from the new iPad, which was released in the US in March, Apple is due to bring out the new MacBook Pro as early as summer this year (perhaps at the WWDC conference on June 11), and rumours regarding the release date and specifications are rife all over the Internet.

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One interesting feature about the upgraded MacBook Pro is Apple’s decision to replace the Sandy Bridge chips with powerful Intel Ivy Bridge processors, and this speculation implies that the company is pushing gaming and app sales on the revised range. Also lighter and thinner than its predecessor, the 2012 MacBook Pro is said to have a bigger battery in place of an optical drive.

A rumoured Apple-specific feature is the possibility of Retina Display, which is perhaps more interesting than the replacement processors, as it integrates pixels that are too small to be individually seen by the human eye. Used in the iPhone 4/4S and the new iPad, this display makes for smooth tones, text and images rather than the equivalent of an array of dots. It’s been described by PC Mag as “definitely the most important Mac innovation in years”.

Although the official release date is being kept tightly under wraps, advance bookings are in full swing, but record breaking bookings and shipping problems are nothing new for Apple. The forthcoming release was tipped off by a price reduction in the current model, which is a tried-and-tested Apple tactic, and starts at cuts of $100 USD.

Specs include USB 3 compatibility, less than 15-inches in size and a slimmer design, nearly rivalling the lightweight MacBook Air, which are all losing weight in 2012. If you’re looking for lightweight laptops in 2012, keep your eye on Apple.


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