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This is one debate that would draw applause and brickbats, irrespective of the standpoint one takes. Those who are passionate about Microsoft Xbox consoles wouldn’t lay low if Sony PlayStation 4 is being hailed. Those who love PS consoles wouldn’t take kindly to haling Microsoft Xbox One as the superior gadget.

While a balancing act is difficult, here is an objective analysis of Microsoft Xbox One Vs Sony PlayStation 4, without being biased or partisan to any party.

Both the devices pack in some solid punch and there are disappointments in store as well. Let us start with the disappointments. Microsoft and Sony may have been too busy to pack in some state of the art specs into the devices but one wonders who they entrusted with the task of designing the consoles. Both the slabs are unappealing. The monolithic black, thick slates look anything but stylish. The sleek designs may be conducive to storing them in the slimmest of places beneath the LCD, LED or on the small tables but they would have done better to tweak some of the visual elements to enhance the aesthetics.
There are numerous similarities between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

However, our concern is the differences as that is what makes an Xbox One Vs PlayStation 4 discussion interesting. The latter is cheaper than the former. PS4 is 20% more economic than Xbox One. If you were to buy the PlayStation camera then you would be spending some extra bucks and the difference would be about 10%. From that perspective, Xbox One appears to be considerably expensive. But all that changes when you take into consideration Kinect 2, featuring in Xbox One.

Kinect 2 is going to be a major influence and might just tilt the tide in favor of Xbox One. PlayStation 4 has got phenomenally responsive controllers, dual shock features and an ability to be played over Wi-Fi at remote places but Kinect 2, with all its state of the art features, may just be the more evolved mutant here.


The Xbox One Vs PlayStation 4 debate doesn’t sound exciting when it comes to specs. The two most popular gaming consoles and the most highly anticipated launches pack in a lot of processing power. Both use AMD chips and a 1.6 GHz x86 64-bit processor with 8 Jaguar cores. The AMD Radeon GPU that makes its way into both the Xbox One and the PS4 is not exactly the same in the two. The PS4 unit has a GPU that boasts of 1152 cores whereas the one in Xbox One boasts of 768. However, experts say that the experience, visuals, graphics or the responsiveness of games would not vary at all between the two consoles.

Both have 8 GB RAM. PlayStation 4 uses a GDDR5 RAM while Xbox One has a GDDR3. Xbox One has 32 MB of eSRAM for cache which the PlayStation 4 doesn’t have. The end result may not be as differential as the numbers make it look like. Both, Xbox One and PS4, have Blu-ray and DVD drives, Wi-Fi, optical out, Ethernet, USB 3.0 and HDMI.

Both the brands have opened their arms to indie games and there would be exclusive titles on either side to woo gamers. There isn’t much to debate on in these regards. The Twitch integration on PlayStation 4 along with its dedicated bandwidth as per Sony’s arrangements with certain internet service providers would be acutely evaluated but wouldn’t be game changers as Xbox One also comes with sharing features, similar to Twitch. The Xbox One Vs PlayStation 4 is one clash of the titans that perhaps wouldn’t go kaput at the box office.

Author bio: Usman is a fan of all things technology. He is the co-founder of which provides latest news about technology everyday.

Author Bio:Usman is a fan of all things technology. He is the co-founder of which provides latest news about technology everyday.


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