MKM Customs Diesel Truck Upgrading – The Perfect Way to Rumble!

Guys just want to be guys – they are born with the need to not only appear masculine, but strong and tough. The entire image of the tough guy starts when they are young and appeals to both their peers and to the opposite sex. MKM Customs has not only perceived this trend, but turned it into a successful market that you will benefit from, if this is what you are looking for.


Diesel trucks are designed to look and sound strong and tough, defining their owners as strong and tough. MKM Customs specializes in after-purchase upgrades that will enhance the image of the vehicle even more. MKM Customs is the result of a group of diesel enthusiasts gathered with the idea to change the automotive-aftermarket into something stronger – calling it Sinister Diesel. Even the name implies underlying danger, which is enticing to exactly the market it is intended for. In one afternoon, working on a diesel truck, the founders thought of a dream and made it happen.

They were already parts suppliers with a strong online customer base, so there was no need to begin another separate business. They simply created a line of high performance diesel parts that changed the way customers would perceive the business so when it was time to shop, customers were ready to do so with that perception in mind. With an excellent customer service reputation and live telephone support, customers already knew that they had the element of assistance when it was needed. Before, during and after any purchase, customers can call Sinister and receive live expert technical support or advice. Live support is also available on the website.

Initially MKM Customs, Sinister Diesel purposefully changed the name to change to change the image. Partnering with such top names as ARP, SCT, H&S Performance, Bully Dog, MBRP, AFE, S&B and many more, high quality parts and service can be found in one place.

But even with the excellent reputation of the business and the brands, the owners had a vision of a line of products that would be stylish and distinctive. For example, most of the parts are metallic blue – Sinister Blue, called so purposefully because the owners felt that it captures the spirit of the true diesel lifestyle and image.

As one of the owners, Brian George stated, “The spirit of the diesel truckers is like our own…a little bet rebel. Of course, we don’t all live a rebel lifestyle, but we all share that spirit. The name Sinister captures that spirit perfectly.”


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