More Voice Over Auditions Being Cast Online than Ever Before

What was once the domain of only a handful of voice acting agencies in a few select major cities is now in the hands of voice actors around the globe, thanks to the advent of crowd sourcing websites like Voice Over The website launched this week bringing more voice acting jobs to talent.

Professional voice talent have long assumed that the only way to land the big roles for national advertisers and production companies was by having a bricks and mortar agent. But many now see the benefits in utilizing online casting websites which are featuring some of the highest paying gigs.

The brand new website is part of the global Voice Realm network of casting sites, which represents some of planet Earth’s best voice talent. The Voice Realm recently cast over one million dollars’ worth of voice over jobs in just over 12 months, and provided marketing services to voice actors around the globe.

The site, which launched on Thursday, connects casting agents with professional voice actors who have access to their own broadcast quality studio. With the power of The Voice Realm network behind it, the website features hundreds of opportunities for finding voice over auditions online.

The website operates autonomously after the client inputs the required data to enable the system to seek out the right voice for the script, using newly developed technology.

Speaking at the launch in New York City on Thursday, to a handful of elite clients, marketing manager Robert James told attendees that the new site will now make finding a voice talent online faster and easier than ever before. “We have forged ahead in the online marketplace to bring our talent better quality job by partnering with some of the world’s biggest advertising agencies and production companies. There’s no denying that this new portal will open up our crowd sourcing platform for many more and we are very excited about the future.”images

The website is expected to grow into the biggest voice audition website by the end of 2014.

Voice Over will also assist clients in hiring freelance voice actors by providing world class customer support 24/7/365 something that no other voice casting website comes close to.

From now until the end of the year, the web portal offers unlimited free voice over auditions to anyone registering an account. Response time to receive auditions is less than one hour. The satisfaction guarantee offered is the best in the business. If a client is not happy with recordings, they pay absolutely nothing.

Professional voice talent looking at being listed are invited to submit their information for agents to determine if they are ready to be heard by casting agencies worldwide.

Translations services, production and foreign languages such as Australian, British, Spanish and South African are also offered and will continue to grow to meet demand.

The website is now active and registration is free.

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