Multi Boot Android OS

The Android is now the no.1 mobile operating system in whole over the world, having the user area of 25 percent of the total mobile users. You may also be having Android based smart phone or tablet. If yes, then you must knew it that the best way to keep our old Android updated and interesting is by installing the ROM on it. You can boot your Android to other version by installing the custom ROM. If you have ever gone with the booting process, then let me tell you that here is something very new and interesting for you and it is Boot manager utility for the Android, which is from init2winitapps. The cool utility allows you to boot five Android OS on your single phone, at a same time. Yes this is true and Boot manager makes it happen in reality. This app is available for the cheap rate of 146 only and by paying such a low amount, you can enjoy five Androids on your single phone. This multiboot app enables you to use five custom ROM on your Android based smart phone. One out of the five ROM is installed in the internal memory of the device and other four are saved as the image files in your SD card, which you can use, whenever you want. Each ROM is establish cause to the default partition table of the particular device, but you can change it as well. The ROM loaded on the SD card are easily accessible and you can use it by just clicking the particular ROM. The ROM runs, without having any effect on real ROM.

Multi Boot Android OS

This app is equally useful for the users and developers as it allows users to experience the third party ROM and the developers to test their created ROM.

So let’s have a requirements to use this app:

Compatible Handsets

Following is the list of smart phones, on which you can use this app.

HTC: Desire HD, Desire,  Incresible1/2/S, Inspire 4G, Sensation,  Desire S, Vision, Thunderbolt, EVO 4G/3D.
Motorola: ( MyTouch 4G), Droid 1/2/X

Further list can be checked from the developer’s official website.

Other Requirements are:

  • Rooted smart phone with recovery utility.
  • SD card with at least 8 GB storage capacity
  • SuperUser app

Using the app

First of all download the boot manager utility from the Android Market. This app is a paid app and you need to invest Rs. 146 to use this app. So after downloading the app, just install it simply and you will be welcomed with the welcome screen. Now follow the onscreen instructions. Before going for the installation if any other ROM, this app will first go for the setup of the original ROM. Don’t go through this step carelessly, as it is an important step to save the image file of your original ROM, which will enable you to use the original ROM, whenever you want.

Using the recovery tool is recommended,so that you can take the backup of the original ROM. After saving  the original ROM image file, you will be informed with the success message screen. This process can also be started from the start up of boot manager as well. Just go through this step carefully, because it is a one time process, and you will not be required to repeat this step again.

Now you will find yourself in the boot manager interface, where you can see the six screens ROM’, ‘ROM 1’, ROM 2’, ‘ROM 3’, ‘ROM 4’ and ‘Settings’.  If you have done all and have reached this step, then you will be able to install your first ROM. This guide may help you in doing so.

How to Install the First ROM

In the Boot Manager User interface, where you can see six screens, select the ROM1 option. Selecting this option will prompt three option to you. You will be required to specify the location of your ROM. So make sure that  the ROM you wish to install, is already uploaded in the SD card by you. In the ROM installation and selecting step, select the “install from Zip” option which will ask you to specify the location of the zip file. There you will find one another option, which is Restore android which enables you to take a backup of previously stored ROM, if any.

After selecting the ROM zip file, just simply follow the on screen instructions. You will prompted to enter the file system information as well. Specify the file system, which your ROM (that you are going to install)  supports.

After this the installation process will start, which may take some time, depending on the processor of your Android. Generally it takes 10 minutes for it. After the installation is done, your phone will be booted into new ROM, that you just installed. You can follow the same procedure for installing the other ROM.

How Does It Work

The boot manager app creates a virtual image of the ROM on your SD card. It also asks about the phone partition table to you, which it uses in setting up the new ROM image file. When you want to use any ROM, then it just simply replaces the original ROM image file, with one you created using this app. It also sends the information to the phone that the image file is not on the internal storage, but is is on the SD card memory.

Note: This app is very good for both the experienced users and developers. But if you are newbie, then please do not go for it. The little knowledge about the ROM installation can be proved as  a big danger to your smart phone. So if you do not know about the custom ROM, then please don’t use this app. We shall not be responsible for any kind of damage that occurs to you or your handset. Also before going with the process, don’t forget to take the backup of entire data, so that we can work with this app without having any fear about the data loss.

That’s it…. Now you can enjoy the multiple ROM on your Android smart phone at a single time. If you have any question or problem in using this app, then please do let us know about it by dropping your valuable comments in the comment section below.

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