Offering Possible Back-up Solutions offers several options for active back-up for laptops and PCs. Not only for computing devices, they even offer possible back-up solutions for cloud-based services and even for many software networks. Their latest releases make it easier to take complete snapshot image of computing devices efficiently.


In addition, latest Windows 8/UEFI Secure Boot and Exchange 2013 support has improved various selection options and NAS compatibility making faster back-up times and even offer the ability of mounting images as disk drive.

The improved system of disaster recovery by helps increasing DR boot disc within moments with easy recovery of files from images. The system even helps to restore files or programs from images.


The nova back-up family package offers favorable solutions of centralized management that controls, monitors and even manages back-ups all systems from any particular web browser. The virtual machine back-up even offers total back-up capabilities for HyperV environments and VMWare.

Apart from this, the local support of NovaCARE Premium is backed by expert technical support staff. Upgrade protection, including email and telephone support is offered through every product update. In addition, effective installation support also allows consumers to eliminate any concern regarding improper set up and even save time. It even features future update features with necessary back-up qualities.


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