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If you are an ardent WordPress blogger, you will be very keen to share information along with wonderful pictures that portrays the information. We all know that dumping too much of images or pictures or graphical representations will eventually drop down the speed of your blog. This means, your blog will take a very long time to download where your visitors have to stay with patience until it downloads. For enhancing the speed of your WordPress blog, you can host images in a sub domain. Does any one of you know about this? If you haven’t tried yet, just do it now and find the difference. When hosting the images into the sub domain, your WordPress Blog will speed up in its performance and the page will be easily loaded for view.

 Detail description about the host image of word press

 For making your Blog streamlined and encouraging the visitors to review the content, you need to make your webpage active, dynamic, live and load faster. If any of these fails, your blog will lose its value. For making it streamlined, it is definitely a good idea to host the images into a sub domain. Not all of you can host the images into the sub domain, where you should hold the control panel access for the WordPress blog account. While having the cPanel details of the Hosting account, one could easily host the images into the subdomain.

The step by step process for creating sub domin

 Here is a step-by-step procedure which will help you to create subdomain for hosting the images of your WordPress Blog.

1.      Log into the hosting account and access your WordPress control panel. Creating subdomain for WordPress will differ from one hosting provider to another, however the task is ultimately easier to accomplish. You need to select the subdomains and further create your new subdomain. For instance, it could be

2.      Next, you need to sign in to the WordPress Dashboard and access Settings and click Miscellaneous. Further assign a place for uploading the images into the folder.

3.      Once after creating the folder, you will be able to move the images and remember the Javascripts and Cascading Style Sheet could also be hosted to the subdomain you have created. Later hosting the images, you have to make some defined changes on the themes as well.

4.      Remember to use a new directory for uploading the images, as you can stay devoid of confusions.

5.      You need to update the older images into the subdomain, hence you need to run the following queries from PhpMyAdmin. If you fail to move the images to the subdomain, the pictures will never be loaded while viewing the blog.

6.      Select SQL menu that is found in the nav-bar and type the following query. Run SQL query. UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE(post_content,’‘,’’). Remember, you need to replace mywebsite with your actual blog URL.

The other webpages of your blog would have been indexed by the search engines and hence you could move the pictures into the subdomains. Enter the flowing code : .htaccess file and click save to make changes.



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