Paid Links are resilient

Google so far has stunned the internet world with penalties against paid links . It all started with the penguin update where certain websites that we found to be including paid links were penalized for the actions. Google webmaster tools  issued a warning against sites utilizing unnatural links on their site.

There was a time when paid links seemed to be on the verge of collapse and there was a warning emanating  amongst the website owners and bloggers at large. Today with all the attempts geared at eliminating paid links and at times when it seems that it’s taking a nose dive, its resilience is outstanding and till today they are still surviving and going on strong, though with less steam.

Use with care: when you purchase links, it comes with an inherent risk and only risk takers should undertake to buy them. Google is not taking chances this day and with Penquin updates which are now a part of the internet world with no signs or retiring soon, being de-listed by google becomes an instant reality. And link purchasers should be very weary of this action, but the fact of the matter is that if they is no market, then no links can be sold, but since there is still a market its shows that people will always be willing to purchase links whatever the case.

Unnoticeable links: clever and adventurous services are creating links that are masked by other links this being a case of a Trojan horse strategy. By avoiding googles detection by using methods such as pyramids links and link wheels which are ingenious way cleverly crafted by the most tech savvy ideas on the internet. Their viability in operating without detection is still UN subsisted by so called professionals, in some cases google does indeed detect them and in other detection is unlikely

Sustainability of links: this is like gambling, on the one hand there are chances of detection and on the other hand there chances of a real income. Google will not just sit down and let this illegal link just mushroom around and flood the internet. The possibility is that they will also seek more advanced ways of defeating this paid links and initial stiffer penalties what will make one thing before embarking with this paid link, thought this may be deemed as speculation, it may not far from the truth. With times google will design different ways of ranking sites which will not have links, and hence links will like become obsolete and die naturally. According to google they are reiterated that google should be natural and not man manipulated. Its not software that will create the link thought they are a factor in it, its man who perpetuates the whole thing will selfish ambitions .

Today paid links are available, and they are a factor in manipulating ranks of sites when it comes to the results of search engines. If you want a business will be go on to the future without the constant threats and worries of being de-listed then, staying clear of such links is advisable.



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