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So, it is known fact that iPad cuts a poor figure when it comes to capturing images. Though efforts have been made to improve the iPhone photography experience, it is still lagging behind other players, as they have already made considerable progress towards providing better photographic experience. But there is no need to feel despondent. I have got some good news that will cheer you up. Here I am going to list some cool third party applications that you need to pair up with your iPhone and you will have all the great photographic experience right inside your iPhone:

1. Kyte Producer: If you are a social media addict, this application is probably meant for you. This is a free application and let you publish photographs directly from iPhone to MySpace, facebook and their likes. Apart from doing this task which is quite common with most photo sharing applications, Kyte Producer let you create a slideshow of photo gallery. Not impressive? Well, in that case, there is option to chat with the viewers in real time. I hope, you cannot expect more from this application.


2. Twitxr: This is another awesome photo sharing application that is in direct competition with the much popular twitpic. This application can make your photo sharing experience totally different. It is easy to use and with it you will be able to post photographs directly into facebook, twitter, Flickr, Picasa and their likes. And the good thing, it is available for free.
3. Oldbooth: iPhone is made and meant for Fun and that being said, it is crystal clear that you need to get your hands on some iPhone photo sharing applications that will let you have some serious fun with the boring images. OldBooth can turn any old and boring image into something ridiculously comical. It adds some dramatic twists to present day images by making it look old and comical. Just upload an image and give it some nice twists and there you go. I have tried this app for my coupon blog that has amazing discount coupons on snapfish, mixbook and other photo sharing websites and it worked fine for my website.

4. Comic Touch: This is another funny photo editing application that will let you add some comic speech bubbles to photographs. This application has a camera mode and that means, you will be able to add some cool and funny effects into images immediately after taking photographs. Make the images distorted or add speech bubbles against them with this application and a rock rolling laughter is likely to follow in all probability.

5. CameraBag: This is another great image editing tool that has enough options to be creative with. There are 8 different filters options to add some nice and interesting effects on the images. You can try fish eye filter or if you need some dramatic difference, you can try ‘1962’ from the filtering option that will turn any color photograph into a black and white image.

6. Tiltshift: This is another nifty little application that can bring dramatic changes in images by making subtle changes in focus. Interesting and unusual digital photographs can be crafted easily with this application. Try this application and it will let you put the focus on a particular area of the image and the rest of the area will be blurred automatically. With this application, you will be able to bring some interesting changes in an ordinary image or add some transformational touches in them.

7. Picoli: This is basically a traditional photo-editing tool that let you do the not so funny things, like editing the brightness or sharpening the images or adding filters onto images to make them look awesome. There are some others cool effects so have this on your iPhone and keep exploring.

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