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Just a couple of months ago Plantronics announced they were discontinuing their popular CS model wireless phone headset systems.  This shocked many consumers because the Plantronics CS model wireless headsets were some of the manufactures best selling telephone headsets.  Shortly after this announcement Plantronics released a new line of CS500 series wireless headsets that replace the older CS cordless headsets.  Consumers and online retailers were very excited to see what has changed with the new CS500 series wireless office headsets.

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The Plantronics CS55 wireless phone headset is one of Plantronics best selling systems of all time so when they announced they were discontinuing the phone headset we had to wonder what was going to replace it.  Earlier in the year Plantronics unveiled the CS540 wireless phone headset that is the replacement for the CS55.  There are a variety of similarities between the Plantronics CS540 and the CS55 but there are some differences as well.  Both wireless headsets feature a convertible design for over the ear and over the head wearing styles with an optional behind the neck design sold separately.  The Plantronics CS540 wireless headset also operates on Wireless DECT 6.0 Technology but has a 350 foot roaming range oppose to 300 feet which is the standard for the older CS models.  This alone really appealed to consumers because the additional 50 feet of roaming increase the distance and mobility for larger call centers.

In addition to the popular new Plantronics CS540 they also released a variety of other cordless headsets.  The Plantronics CS510 and CS520 replaced the CS351N and CS361N featuring over the head monoraul and binaural wearing styles.  All of the new CS500 series wireless headsets feature a 350 foot roaming range and operate on DECT 6.0 Technology.  The Plantronics CS530 over the ear cordless phone headset has yet to be released and will eventually replace the CS70N.  The Plantronics CS70N wireless phone headset is still available today pending the release of the CS530 which should be available in the Summer of 2012.  Since the release of the new Plantronics CS500 wireless headsets retailers have been selling out fast.  There is a high demand for the new cordless headsets because not only do they provide further roaming but also feature a new all black sleek design.  Plantronics incorporated a more luxurious appeal for your office or call center with the new design and technology.

At first most were surprised by this announcement but after using the new Plantronics CS540 changes had to be made.  The quality and performance has greatly improved making these some of the most special wireless headsets on the market.  On top of the new CS500 series cordless headsets Plantronics also rolled out a new Savi wireless phone headset.  The new Plantronics Savi wireless headsets introduce new technology that allows connecting the system to desk phones, PS computers and now Bluetooth mobile cell phones.  This breakthrough technology is never before seen in the industry providing a solution for using a single telephone headset for all of your communication devices.

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