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Link building is one of the most relevant things which every blogger ought to know about. There are numerous practices in blogging and a good blogger should be very good in each of them but link building is one of the most important of these. Sadly, many bloggers do not know how to go about link building. They do not know where their links should point to in order to achieve maximum results. Also, some bloggers do not even know where and how to get links for their blog sites. The importance of link building in blogging cannot be overstated. This is one of the necessary ways of drawing and attracting traffic to your site. Of course, the primary aim of blogging is to attract traffic and if link building can help you to maximize this, then it should be very important to you.

Every blogger should realize that there are three important places where their links should point to. Most bloggers only succeed in pointing their links to the homepage but this is not the only place. The three places in question include:

–          Your homepage

–          Your resource page and

–          Your blog posts

Your homepage

Although you should not limit your links only to the homepage, yet building links on the homepage is very important. Bloggers should be able to link their homepage contextually to authority domains and also ensure that they do not leave comments with contextual keywords in the homepage. The primary target of your homepage is the most difficult keyword, often represented in your killer article. Although this keyword may take time to rank, yet its result will be much when it does.

Your Resource pages

These are the pages that focus on detailed information about your site. Your resource pages state with clarity everything about your site with proper analysis. Your best contents are posted in your resource page and it should target some of the toughest phrases and keywords available.  If your resource pages are properly organized and stuffed with requisite materials, then they will be resourceful in attracting lots of links and shares to you. This will go a long way in bringing the right amount of traffic for your site and making your blog notable.

Your blog posts

This is a very important place to build links in your blog. The keywords here may not be competitive but should cover lots of scopes and should be your target in publishing your blog. In your blog posts, links can as well be built contextually just as in the homepage. You must be careful to make it as much colorful as necessary in order to win the audience. Moreover, in blog posts, anchor texts are of absolute necessity and therefore should be used in making the blog post notable.

If links are built in these three important places of your blog, then the sky becomes your limit. Lots of bloggers do not know this and they keep wondering why they fail to benefit from link building.



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