Political reputation and status of Blogging

As we all know that since the origin, blogging concept is widely accepted in all the sectors of social life. Also after the rising of social networking, this concept is going on with boundless development. As there are many things like social thoughts which we need to share with everyone as it is the right of every human being. For such expression of thoughts, one requires a good platform from where he can reach up to thousands of people with less time. Blogging has provided such a platform to all such people. Also there are many popular or idealpersonalities in the world whom the people like to hear about their thoughts, their opinion about current affairs and all like that. Blogging is the easiest way to do that.

Blogging has a remarkable importance in politics since last 10 years or more. There are many Politicians round the world who took the help of blogging to reach up to their fans. Also the fans responded very well to their leader. As a result of that, there were seen many revolutions in many countries about changing the Government, Clarification given to common public by their leader and all like that.

  • Trent Lott:Trent Lott was Senate Majority Leader of United States of America> He came up with an idea that how his country can perform better than they are performing right now. He shared his thought with people about how he can work for his country if his party Storm Thurmond is being elected. Soon becoming popular, after submission of some controversial documents in blogging, public and bloggers forced him to step down as a majority leader in the Senate of United States of America.


  • Dan Rather:Dan Rather was one more blogger from United States of America who presents some documents about the military records which were doubtful in the time Bush as the president of U.S. Many bloggers came up with the supporting document against the Rather gate Scandal. As a result of which the CBS has to apologise for the technique regarding inadequate reporting.


  • RustemAdagamov:RustemAdagamov was one of the political blogger from Russia who challenged the Dominance and anti- government activities in their country. In very short duration of time, there were many followers from his country following him. As a result of which many positive revolutionary changes were made by the government in favour of General Public.


  • Barack Obama: The President of United States Of America also implemented the use of blogging to reach up to the common people of U.S. Also the popularity of Barack Obama increased highly that any other politician in the era and the result of which, Barack Obama was selected by the people of United States for the second time as the President of United States of America.

Anna Hazare: One of the great social worker from India, working against corruption started gathering youth to protest against the government through his blog. They started unlimited time fast to approve some act from the government against corruption in 2012 and succeeded in few days.



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