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Facebook is ideal for promoting hobby sites. It’s great for sharing images, sharing quotes, providing tips, interacting with others in the niche, and driving traffic to your site. Using Facebook adds another source of traffic besides Google which can keep you from losing everything should you run afoul of Google’s guide lines. It’s also Penguin safe as the links are automatically nofollow so Google won’t consider them “unnatural” and used only to boost your rankings in Google.

Because you can get a lot of exposure from others in your niche, you can also acquire natural backlinks by way of attracting people who blog about their hobby. It’s a win-win – another source for traffic AND a way to attract natural backlinks for better rankings in search engines.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page for your site is pretty easy and well worth the effort. Facebook Fan Pages are an extension of your personal Facebook account but they don’t show up on your personal account. Your friends and family won’t know anything about the Fan Page unless you invite them to see imagesit from within Facebook.

Create your Facebook Fan Page:

1. Log into your personal Facebook account

2. Read the Pages TOS:

3. Go to the Create Page page:

4. Choose Company, Organization or Institution

5. Select a category from the drop down box

6. Enter the name of your site as the Company Name

7. Agree to any terms

8. Click the Get Started button

9. In the page description, enter the URL for your home page followed by a description of your site

10. Put your site’s URL in the website box

11. When you’re on the Admin page, hover over the large square box for your cover image and choose to upload a cover image.

12. Create an image that is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. Text on your cover image must take up no more than 20% of the image. Create an image that matches the look of your site. You could even spring for a stock photo of something related to your hobby.

13. Upload the cover image

14. Create a profile image at least 180 pixels wide by 180 pixels tall and upload the image in the profile image box

Load your Fan Page with 10-15 posts to make it look more complete:

1. Find 2-3 images related to the niche that you can share from your computer

a. These could come from pictures you’ve taken or created and can even be as simple as a quote related to the niche put on a solid color background

b. Images should be square and at least 403 pixels wide by 403 pixels tall to get the full image to show up in the post

2. Find 8-13 items from Google to share on your page

a. Bring up Google and enter your hobby niche into the search box

b. Use Google’s filters to find News posted in the past week

c. Bring up the results one by one to see if they’re related to your niche and worth sharing

3. When you have 10-15 items, organize them so there’s an even spread of links you’re going to share mixed with the large images you’re going to post

4. Complete the status update for each of your items

a. For photos, click the option to share a photo, upload it from your computer, and Post

b. For links to share, enter the URL in the status update box and wait for the preview to show below the box. Then, remove the link from the status update box and put an interesting comment about the link you’re sharing.

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