Raze your WordPress Admin Account

The very first thing you should do in your wordpress account is to eradicate your admin username. Before wordpress 3 the admin account was automatically made by default. The problem with admin is that hackers know that many wordpress administrators are keeping it as their default username. If they know the path to your wordpress login (which is not hard if you didn’t change it), and if they know that you are using admin as your username, then all they have to do is use a software program that computes the brute force algorithm to crack into your wordpress administrator site.

Once they are in there then all bets are off, and they have full control of your wordpress blog. Below is an illustrational example of the typical file structure of a wordpress site installed on a sub domain.

The root folder to the wordpress site is wordpress, and its sub directories or children are wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes. Directories are Linux version of folders. For example, a folder on your Windows desktop is the equivalent to a directory on a Linux machine. Just like the folder holds files, images, content, etc, the same concept applies for directories on your webhost.

If you were to navigate into these files then you should see a mixture of php, css, images, and JavaScript files. So since the organizational architecture of wordpress is made known to the entire internet, this means that hackers have documentation to study so that they crack wordpress systems.

For example, let’s say that your domain name is ilovegoogle.com. The path to your wordpress administrative login is: ilovegoogle.com/wordpress/wp-admin.

All the hacker needs to do is utilize a brute force script to crack into your wordpress administrative site. So, let’s figure out some simple ways that we can combat this vulnerability.

How to change your admin username

Once you are logged into your wordpress dashboard, click on “Users” and then select “Add New”From there enter in the new information for your new admin, and make sure to give them administrative rightsClick “Add New User” and it should be added. Only after your new user is added should you try and delete your original one. You can do this in the same section you added the new user. View all users, select the “admin” username, and then select deleteDepending on several variables you may or may not be able to delete your original administrative account, but that’s not an issue because you can do that via phpMyAdmin. You can get there by logging into your control panel and clicking on the icon which isOnce you click on phpMyAdmin, and find the database that was used to create your wordpress site select it, and then click on the “wp_users” to see the list of users that you have on your site.

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