Romantic valentine gift ideas for Wife or Girlfriend for Valentines Day

For those of us who are married, getting the  right gift for the lucky woman is the most difficult thing you can ever get. The Women over and over again complain we are  unromantic. So today i will try and advise the men on the best gifts we should endeavor to give our wives.

Lingerie is  classic and no woman has ever been dissatisfied with this clothing, the soft silk makes them feel so sexy and comfortable, for those who want to ignite intimacy should buy lingerie. Indirectly by purchasing it for her, you end up benefiting from it.

A High percentage of women will always go for flowers. Flowers signify a lot of unspoken words. Different flowers normally symbolize different meanings . Giving your wife a red flower in the morning  of placing them where she can see when she awakes will give her so much joy.

You cannot separate women and chocolate. A basket of chocolate is advisable on these day, on valentines day the woman is carefree and doesn’t mind indulging in some calorie boosters for the day, you might even be lucky if she shares some with you.

Try and sing a song for her and see her reaction when she sees you trying to imitate one of the famous love songs singers, get a movie for her also try and try and avoid horror movies since most women love romantic movies compared to action packed or horror movies.

Because of the books many girls read like the mills and boons which are fantasy romance novels, they acquire a misconception about fantasy and reality and even in marriage they expect life to be the same as the fantasy novel, hence trying to figure out what they want is not possible for most men. For those in this category, try customizing a CD for her or just writing a poem for her, am sure she will love it.

Indulge her to a romantic candle light dinner and dress up for it include Champagne for the night. Try to remember when you were both young and you Hand feed each other and say words of love. Women love words more than anything and by just sitting and talking to her especially on this special day will win her heat for you forever. Cooking something for her is also a great gift you can give her so don’t be shy about it.

Do not wake up on valentines day without Jewelry, as you know it wins the race with any women as passionate Gifts. Jewelry has proved to be irresistible to them. Jewelry should not be fake, this day happens only once a year so sacrifices should be done. If money is scarce and 22 carets seem too expensive you can go for the cheaper 14 carets jewelry. With jewelfy and your self valentines day can be the best day for your wifes and you will be happier later.



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