Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Specs

From the past some time, Samsung is launching the Android based smart phones and here is the next one, but it is now a dual Sim smart phone. The Samsung Galaxy Ace was found of great user interest whole over the world and this one may be taken as the cousin of the Galaxy Ace and this one is named as Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Well, most of the device is based on the Galaxy Ace, but the only good thing is the dual Sim compatibility. The design is also same and has only got one more physical key on it is for the Sim switching, This is not the best smart phone, but yes good for the CDMA users. You can use two Sims at a single time, which may please you to buy this smart phone. But wait….. If you are planning to use internet on both the Sims, then you must stop now. The second Sim that you can use on the device is just for the talking purposes and you cannot use internet at all. Well, this may also result in the less sale of this Duos. The best thing is in it is that you can use 3G CDMA on it, which is really fast. So the CDMA users can have a good internet experience. But if you are using the CDMA as your primary Sim, then the second one means, GSM will be only a Sim for calling purposes.

Don’t go with us, just check the specifications of this smart phone.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Specifications


The form factor is bar. The look of the  Galaxy Ace Duos is almost same to that of Galaxy Ace. There is not any noticeable thing in the look of this new smart phone. The screen resolutions is also same which is 320 X 480 pixels.


The Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos has the capacitive touch screen display which is 3.5 inches in size. The touch screen is as good as Samsung Galaxy Ace. The dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos are 59.9 x 12.44 x 112.40 mm. The weight is 125 grams.


Again no surprise here and Samsung is serving the old feature again. Like the Galaxy Ace, it also comes with 800 MHz processor. It has 158 MB of internal storage and and 278 MB RAM.


Yes, update is here in the Camera. But wait, it is not any upgrade at all. The Samsung Galaxy Ace has 5 Mega Pixels camera in it, while the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos has 3.15 Mega Pixels camera. There is a downgrade in the video recording feature as well.


The sound quality is good and has the support of 5.1 sound system. The smart phone has the support of FM radio and 3.5 mm audio jack as well.


The WiFi is a part of this smart phone, which enables you to surf the internet wire freely. The USB post is also there by which you can connect the USB devices with it. Not necessary to say, the basic feature Bluetooth is also the part of its connectivity features.

Operating System

The operating system is same that of the Samsung Galaxy Ace. This is also based on the Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread)

Other Features

  • GPS Navigation
  • Face Detection
  • Social Networking Sites Support
  • Predictive Text Input
  • Push Email


Talk Time : 7 hours

Stand By Time: 1.5 days

Warranty and Price

The Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. It is tagged at 16,900 Rs.

Well, the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos is almost similar to that of Samsung Galaxy Ace, the only feature is the dual Sim compatibility, which also has limited features. If you need a dual Sim smart phone, then there is some reason for you to buy it. For others, we do not find any reason, for which they should buy this phone.


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