Samsung Galaxy S2 to hit Android 4.0 This Month?

Samsung has been passing from its Golden period from the date, when it release Galaxy S2.The Galaxy S2 came up with a huge no. of features, hit the ground and reached the sky within some days of its launch. Samsung Galaxy S2 is getting hits from all over the world nowadays as well. The popularity of this smart phone is quite clear from its demand which has crossed over’s 10 million pieces worldwide.

Samsung Galaxy S2

As we know Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with Android Version 2.3 Gingerbread. Now Samsung has planned to go for the version 4.0 update. Google’s latest OS Ice Cream Sandwich is catching user interest from all over the world. After looking at the huge popularity of ICS many manufacturers are planning upgrades to ICS. The list includes major brands like Asus, HTC, Samsung. Samsung has decided to hit Android 4.0 by March with Galaxy S2.

Galaxy S2 to hit Android 4.0

Samsung has announced this already but no proper date has been announced so far. But the rumors are that it will be available by March. If Galaxy S2 hit Android 4.0 by this month, then it will be a great gift for Galaxy S2 users.

This upgrade in Galaxy S2 will go through Samsung Kies. The Galaxy S2 is already a full featured smart phone and this update will make it even better.

Samsung has planned to go with proper care this time as Samsung will not like to repeat its own mistakes again. Actually Samsung has learnt from its mistakes and that’s why it is taking time to make it practical. Also the Android 4.0 upgrade plan has not gone good with many companies so far. Even it caused difficulties to Google Nexus as well, which lead to the stop of upgrades of Nexus. Samsung will not like to come in this queen.

Looking on all these facts it is quite obvious that it will take time and one other possibility is that it may make this upgrade public to only GSM international users.

Android 4.0 update effect on S2

Experts are reporting that there will be great impact of this update on Galaxy S2.The sales will surely increase if all went right, but if any problem occurs during or after upgrade then it will show its negative impact as well.

The other benefit of this upgrade is that Samsung is planning to launch Galaxy S3 in the mid this year and by this update Samsung will keep its users interested till the release.

Should you Go For Upgrade:

After looking on the failures of some big companies, you must be thinking that whether you should go for the upgrade or not???The answer is…. yes you should go for it. The reason is clear that Samsung Galaxy S2 has maintained well reputation so far and company like Samsung will not like to make any foolish attempt to lose all the reputation. Also Samsung has learnt already from its mistakes and will not be repeating the mistakes anymore.

So you should go for the upgrade which is going to be available by March 1.I am eagerly waiting for this upgrade to go live…are you????


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