Securing Your Site to Secure More Customers

Does your website collect or store any customer information? If is does, you will need to understand what security options are available and how you can use them to protect your customers and your own business. One of the most common types of security you can install on your website is an SLL certificate. This certificate can provide the peace of mind your customers are looking for when they are ready to shop with you.


What an SSL Certificate Does
Simply, an SSL certificate is a small data file that is installed onto your website. This date file will allow a secure connection between your site and a visitor’s web browser. What the browser recognizes from the SSL certificate is the company name and location, the host (or server) name and the domain name. This information ensures that the website a visitor is browsing is actually what it says. A scam site, for example, may look like the site they want, but this information contained in the SSL certificate will not match or may not be present at all.

Although many businesses use an SSL certificate to secure payment information for their customers, this security option can also be used to provide security for logins and data transfers of all types.


What Options are Available?
When it comes to SSL certificates, it is important to understand that they are different levels of security offered. Depending on the type of information your site collects and the amount you want to spend on security, you can choose an option that best meets your need and your budget. An economy level SSL certificate can provide you with overall browser compatibility, domain validation and encryption. If you want to have another level of security, a premium SSL certificate provides all of the same things a regular certificate does, but it has additional security features such as individual page validation and a higher warranty level.

The amount of protection you choose to have for your site will determine how comfortable your visitors are in providing you with personal and financial information to buy products and services you offer. To completely protect you and your customers, some level of security will be necessary.


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