Send Profile Picture as Emoticons in Facebook Chat

Howdy,Friends hope you are all fine.Skype and Yahoo Messenger both are great softwares to have a chat with your friends online.You might have used anyone of them.These services has growing number of users over the internet and there is a great rush of people there.While chatting in any of these softwares we can send smileys or small pictures of different shapes like heart,rising sun etc.These are known as Emoticons.If we go for open chat in Yahoo Messenger then we can easily find the exchange of Emoticons between the users there.The most famous social networking site Facebook has also the feature of sending these emoctions.

To send the emoticons to friend or other user in Facebook while chatting  we juse need to press the shortcut for any particular smiley and it is then sent to on the other side immediately.Now Facebook has introduced a unique feature in the field of Emoticons and the new feature allows you to send the profile picture of any user to your freind during chat.

 How to Send Profile Picture as Emoticons?

The process is quite simple and all you need to have is the Facebook User ID or Username of the user whose profile picture you want to use as Emoticons.Here is how the whole proccess will be done…..

  1. First of all copy the Facebook Id number or username of user whose profile picture you want to use.To do so go to the wall of that user by clicking the profile picture and then we can find something like this in our browser address

 And in case the user and Facebook username then it will be..
 2.Copy the profile id that is the no. after the word “id=”. or the username which comes afer “”.
 So in the screen shot it will be 1100001183722981  or bindramks.
 3.So just copy that and place it in the “[[ ]]” brackets.So it will be like [[1100001183722981 ]] or [[bindramks]].
  4.Then just send it to your friend during Facebook chat.Whatever profile id written the brackets will be loaded by
 Facebook and it  will come up with profile picture as Emoticons.
 Thats it….


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