Great SEO Tips Of Year 2012 Worth Checking

Search Engine Optimization i.e. SEO envisages how to improve the visibility of any webpage that contains any relevant items that is to be searched on the internet. Generally, the scenario is something like this that the site that appears at the top of the search results gets the most visitors.

The scenario of SEOs is constantly changing. It is developing in a way so that it can catch up with the latest trends. If there are not enough changes in your ways, no wonder you will be left behind in the race. Sometimes users face difficulty while searching due to “traffic” and “restricted visibility”. For this, every moment is being toiled upon by the website developers to remove these issues and hence get ahead in the “game”. A strategy of yours which worked in 2011 may not work in 2012. Optimizing a website means to edit its HTML coding in such a way so that its relevance to a certain topic is increased with some certain keywords. Sometimes providing a “backlink” to a trusted site which will “link” you back is a useful way to promote a site.

Using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are an easy and very popular way to promote ones hold over the field and the grasp of authentic information. Another Marketing strategy which is time consuming yet very “eye catching” is Viral Marketing. It involves producing videos for You Tube and sometimes providing free softwares.

Below are some SEO tips that can be used for this year:


Quality is the key here. Remember your sites are being read by people and not machine. Therefore, your site should appeal to the user information wise. You cannot just expect to connect some keywords and pass it off. You have to make it rich quality wise and useful.

Mobile friendly

Gone are the days when internet connection was only viable through a computer system. Today more and more people are accessing people through mobile. Hence, it will be a wise decision to make your site mobile friendly so that if someone is visiting your site for the first time and finds it easy to navigate on his smartphone, he will probably come back and might recommend your site to his other friends.

Hire a consultant

If you are worried about the health of your website, you have to pay for it. Do not hesitate to hire someone who is worth the money and is giving the quality work you need. If you are not satisfied, do not hesitate to fire them.

Use original photos and videos

Most of the sites use photos and videos that are already used in some other sites to promote their stuff. If you use “copied” stuff, search engine will not mind putting you at the bottom of the list. To avoid that make sure you use self-clicked photos and self-made videos.


Publicizing your website on any social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. is just another way you can use those sites other than “socializing”. That way you can make sure people know about your site and can access to your site. Leave an option for them to share the content if they want to.

Reduce uploading time

The average time span for any user to wait for your site to load is not more than three seconds. After that, they will not mind going over to some other site. Thus, you lose visitors and no wonder your rank in the search engine is not improving. Thus, take the necessary steps to fasten your website.

A user is advised to use these SEO techniques as it can largely determine how the webpage would perform on search engine result pages.

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