5 Best Smart Phones At MWC 2012

The 21 st century is going viral with a wide variety of mobiles. Today, there is hardly to find any person who  do not own at least one mobile. The year 2011 was of gadgets, smart phones and Tablets as well. The rapidly growing Mobile technology is the reason that the Mobile World Congress 2012 made its theme as “Redefining Mobile”. Lots of new gadgets were seen at the MWC 2012. Mostly mobile phones were based on the powerful quad core processor, were having high RAM memory.

MWC 2012

Well, don’t forget Google also who is surprising the world with its Android updates. The same happened in the MWC 2012 and power of new Android based Phones were made to see there. Google announced that more than 8,50,000 Android devices activated daily. Well, that’s why the Android has covered the 25 percent of the total mobile user area and it is still going on. So as most of the smart phones announced by the leading manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Asus were Android based so we can say Google owned the MWC 2012. The glow of the Android was all over there in the MWC 2012.

Lets have a look at the top 5 smart phone of the MWC 2012.

1. HTC One X

The major features in the Android smart phones that were announced in the MWC 2012 was top quality cameras and quad core processors and the HTC One X is having both the features. With its lots of good qualities probably it leads the Android Phone in this year. The device is featured with Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor which is very fast. The look is very stylish which will surely catch eye of the customers. The size is also good and it has 4.7 inches screen.


2. Nokia PureView 808

Nokia threw a bomb of surprises with its launch of Nokia Pure View 808 which is 41 megapixels smart phone. The camera’s quality is the best till date and the high quality camera lets you take photographs in the superb quality. The smart phone is running zombified Symbian as its operating system. Well, with a great quality camera, it surely wins the race of megapixels.

Nokia PureView 808

3. Sony Xperia P

Along with taking care of the good features, Sony also gave stress on the look and it is easily reflected from the cool design of the Sony Xperia P, one that Sony announced in the MWC 2012. The unique feature of this smart phone is that it uses four sub pixels while the other Android smart phone use three. This features stands it unique from the rush of the Android smart phones. The  sub pixels strategy can surely save power, because the extra fourth sub pixel used in the smart phone is white one and in the white screen areas you can take work from only that sub pixel and you need to waste the power on the rest three.

Sony Xperia P

4. Samsung Galaxy Beam

The projector screen phone comes back with the announcement of Samsung Galaxy Beam in the MWC 2012. This time the projector is more rich in the features and can beams a 15-lumen image on the front of it, whatever the surface may be. The projector is 640-by-360 resolution and video quality is also good  which is 720 pixels.

Samsung Galaxy Beam

5.Orange* phone

Europe’s first Intel – powered smart phone was also come to see in the MWC 2012. The Europe’s first Intel powered smartphone Orange* phone can gear a shift in the market of smart phones. Intel is promising to take over the ARM processor by this new smart phone’s processor. Intel is promising something faster, better and cooler. Well, we can’t rely on the announcements the real work of this Android phone will bring the reality it self.

Orange phone


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