Social media in past Vs Social Media in 2013

Social media in past and today

Few years back social media was just confined to newspapers, radios and television only and required a lot of effort to make communication. Where as in today’s world it’s just at a distance of click only. Different forums like twitter, facebook and bloggers are made in this regard. The increasing demand is contributing greatly to their success rate today.

Change in brand interactions

Previously it took a lot of efforts to make and advertisement and doing publicity of a particular brand but with the advancement there are many different changes in brand interaction.

Changing marketing strategies

In conventional offline marketing we had to give a particular add on television or newspapers so that folks get to know about certain product and can go to markets to make a purchase but now the changing marketing strategies has enable them to make a purchase online through their credit card and online transaction. This saves a lot of time and travelling. It has greatly contributed to our ease. Even a single individual can market it easily where as previously a whole group of individuals were involved in marketing.

Transformation from one-way communication to two-way communication

The consumer did not have any voice and it was just a one way communication between the buyer and seller. The customers couldn’t give his feedback about a particular stuff even if he had any difficulty. Consumer’s queries were not entertained. Social media of today provided two way communications. The customers are allowed to express his views and all his views are heard calmly and patiently with a prompt and positive response. Hence it proved better bonding and communication.

Social media sites

Different events can be published in public forum. All the active members are allowed to make participations and ask various questions about the related product. On facebook make a page of your product for its publicity. Whereas twitter as tags to increase the visibility of our brand. You can make a quality and high resolution video and upload it on YouTube this will also help you in marketing. Twitter is really a different concept.

Communication in past

In past communication was made through emails, different chat room applications, websites, guest books and groups. Whereas today you can even have voice communication in Skype, viber, Google talks etc.

Success rate of social media

Many reasons are making social media a success. Ranging from the users friendly to the seller friendly too. Above mentioned facts can easily help us to distinguish between the social media in past to the social media in present. It clearly highlights the fact that in present it has facilitated the mankind in many different means.

What would you choose now?

Obviously we all will appreciate the social media of today and make it an important part of our life. So make your choice today and grab the easiest means of communication and advertisement through public forums.



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