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Mobile web designing is all the rage now. With such a powerful and trusted tool as Flash, designing an extremely attractive Flash-based mobile applications is now easy. The ease is provided by Adobe itself with its Flash Builder 4.5. With the help of this and the Adobe Flex framework, you can now create and run mobile Flex apps on Android platform. The devices that run it are tablet computers and smartphones.

Mobile web designing

There is something called OTA offered by Adobe. It stands for ‘over the air’ and will let you install as well as update the Flash Player in your site so as to avail of the latest improvements, irrespective of the platform you use. Adobe is currently taking steps to ensure Flash Player runs smoothly across all platforms and devices.

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When it comes to Flash website design for mobile devices, Flash content and games can pose a challenge before you. There are several things to consider such as alignment, orientation, full-screen behavior and size etc. On mobile devices, Flash Player supports 2 primary display modes such as full-screen and embedded.

Mobile devices do not get into the full-screen mode all by themselves when you are opening a new URL. If the user taps on the content, it can go to full-screen mode. However, the user is given an indication as to the content is going on to full screen.

If a user taps on the content for a long time, when it is not in full-screen, an option to make the content full-screen will be displayed before them. When the user chooses the option for full-screen, the content is displayed on full-screen and with all features of a regular full-screen security.

Viewing Flash-based content on full screen is a pleasure it in itself and it comes with such advantages like you can enjoy the view in landscape mode and you can be free about the factor of gesture ambiguity. Plus, the screen space is utilized fully.

When you are viewing Flash content in embedded mode, you do not have to do anything as the device will automatically take you to the embedded mode when you try to open a new URL.

If you are trying to manipulate the browser navigation history, be very very careful because this might affect the back button of the browser.

So, if you want to create smooth-running mobile Flash websites, you can hire website designer, opt for his quality Flash design services and ensure a rich user experience.

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