Splitting Time Advantages of Home / Office Call Center Structures

From airlines and mobile carriers to technical support services and even roadside assistance, many companies are allowing their call center employees to split work time between their homes and offices. This growing trend carries a number of advantages for both the call center and its employees.

Content Employees Produce Results
If you want your business to flourish, keep your employees happy! Call centers thrive when their employees are content. Splitting time working between their homes and office not only gives employees more flexibility, but ultimately saves them in time, travel and other possible expenses. Depending on how far away an employee lives, they could realize a significant savings in gasoline alone. Which, brings us to the next point…

Wider Pool of Employees
People are looking for employment opportunities close to their homes. Traffic, cost of fuel, rush to be home when the kids get out of school, etc. can be stressful on our lives and pocketbooks. Allowing employees to split their time between work and home can alleviate much anxiety and widen your pool of potential employees who may reside a greater distance from your call center location.

Reduced Overhead
Less on-site equipment and space is required for call centers that allow staff to split time between their homes and office. And, less equipment means reduced maintenance and upkeep costs. Don’t be apprehensive about requiring employees who want to split their time to be responsible for providing their own computer, telephone line and headset when working from home. Many of the work-at-home only call centers require this, so it is not an unreasonable expectation.

Employee Camaraderie
Call centers have discovered that the key to recruiting and retaining high level employees is operating their businesses like one big happy family. The camaraderie that grows amongst employees fosters contentment and fulfillment – which ultimately translates into profits. The challenge with a solely work-at-home structure is the inability for employees to build camaraderie. In combined home/office structures, employees can enjoy all of perks of working part-time from home, while still developing fulfilling relationships with co-workers at the office.

If you plan to allow employees to split their time between home and office, be sure to establish a concrete set of rules and guidelines. Quality assurance is just as important for employees working from home as it is in the call center. Introducing formal work-from-home protocols sets the tone for what you expect from employees who want to take advantage of this valuable privilege.

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