Tips which help to add screen widgets on your Android Phone

The android smartphones and devices are becoming extremely popular among modern days users more than the usual PCs and laptops. The reasons are simple, the android phones are convenient and simple to use and are very much handy to carry out anywhere by the users. Now, the users’ life has become simple with a simple […]

The Top 5 Android Mobiles Year 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3

There are a lot of Android mobiles in the market right now. With the multitudes of android phones in the market, you surely have confusions in choosing which one is the best. To help you out with your search, here is the list of the top five Android mobiles right now. We have rated the […]

Top 5 Android Apps for College Students

Android can use almost all applications. However, there are many applications that can be used by a student. Therefore, for a student to use it in his studies, it will depend on his needs and preferences. There are others that prefer it when they are listening to music, as a note-book and other ways that […]

Enjoy 4 free SMS apps for your Android phone

Android phone

In case you’re thinking “how to text” from Android gadgets utilizing the best apps, it’s advisable to take sufficient time and look for the most potential and beneficial apps available. There are numerous applications for Android that could be used for text messaging. Following are some of the best SMS applications for Android phones that […]