What’s New in Android Version 4.4 KitKat?

Even though the latest version of Android, i.e., KitKat doesn’t consist of large number of feature changes, yet it has become one of the most popular Android updates till date. Google has introduced KitKat with an aim to get its latest version on all the Android devices across the market. The developers have taken a […]

Free Android Apps for Customization

Google’s Android smartphone stands out among others thanks to its customization possibilities. You may do almost anything you want to your screen, apps icons, lock system, etc. It is one of the features that makes Android different from all other mobile operation systems iOS and Blackberry in particular) that don’t allow so much to change. […]

The Latest Mobile Phones Fulfill The Desires of Life

In today’s modern world, having efficient communication is of utmost importance. That is why the need for mobile phones is also increasing. Many people especially those who can afford the cost prefer the mobile phones because of the capability of network connections as well as extended support in fulfilling the requirements of life. The latest […]

Nokia N97 Detailed Review – Be Professional

Nokia N97 is definitely an idea from the spear within Nokia’s touch screen phone collection. It’s among the most amazing, greatest and completely featured smartphone for the Nokia. It’s also the very first Nokia smartphone to create utilization of a big touchscreen display as well as this has elevated the objectives through Nokia lovers which […]

5 Top Android Christmas Apps for Christmas 2012

Android is one of the most popular processing platforms in the world today. This is the reason why the Android market is always coming up with new application for android users to bring variety and information to their smartphones and tablets. This Christmas season, the android market has again been successful in offering hoards of […]

Android Apps for Business Make Your Work Easier

Android Apps for Business Make Your Work Easier Android apps are best known for their reliability and efficiency in performing various functions. There are a number of android apps for business that are specifically designed to help users carry out various business operations more convenient from anywhere. These apps are developed by experts who have […]

Most Important Android Apps for Users

Making use of an excellent Android smartphone provides you with numerous choices to get applications. Usually along with many applications in this sector, consumers are puzzled regarding which is much more ideal and also very advantageous. By download a lot of applications only for the reason might cause muddle as well as data files restrict […]

Tips which help to add screen widgets on your Android Phone

The android smartphones and devices are becoming extremely popular among modern days users more than the usual PCs and laptops. The reasons are simple, the android phones are convenient and simple to use and are very much handy to carry out anywhere by the users. Now, the users’ life has become simple with a simple […]

How to Choose Your Smartphone

Current market of smartphones is full of different gadgets for different classes and with different specs. And if you want to remain abreast of modern technologies it is a must to have a smartphone. But it is really easy to get lost and confused by all these variants. That’s why I suggest you a step-by-step […]

IOS Vs JellyBean : Which Is Better?

Android JellyBean

New versions of IOS and Windows Phone are about to be officially released in the upcoming months, while the fans of the popular Android JellyBean can already enjoy the latest version on some of the new terminals. The war in the operating system world for mobile phones has begun, but with all these, only two […]