Gorgeous and crisp new apps for iOS 8

September 2014 was a good month for Apple – not only did they unveiled two new phones, but they also launched their highly anticipated new operating system: iOS 8. It was no coincidence that the new operating system came out along with the new phones, as certain features in the OS are designed to take […]

Global Apple – HTC Patent Dispute: Settled

First it was Samsung, but HTC went on to sign an agreement. Yes, we are talking about the disputes with Apple. Back in 2010, Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC for infringing over twenty iPhone patents. Apple sought out an injunction that would be permanent and stop HTC from selling and importing phones. Apple did […]

Cool Ideas for in-Car iPad Mount Set-up

Do you want to replace your GPS device with more effective device? You can do that by using your Smartphone. The iPad car mount is becoming the must have accessory. It enables you to enjoy the great applications and the features of the iPad while driving. No need to worry about the battery dying, because […]

Interesting iOS 6 Features that You Didn’t Know

With an aim to make your everyday activities simple, Apple released its free software iOS 6 which was welcomed by iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users. The new operating system has mixed reactions among experts. Except for the iOS maps, the operating system has plenty of other features that have not been revealed by Apple. […]

The Battle Between Google and Apple Continues

The Battle Between Google and Apple Continues

This has been a great month for mobile operating systems. The two major smartphone companies Apple and Google have both introduced their more advanced smartphone operating systems. But which of them is better will be revealed from the comparison below: Siri vs. Google Now Voice Search Google has not given Siri any serious thought when […]

The New and Better iPhone: Whats in store for us?


Since the moment the news has been out that Apple is going to launch another version of iPhone, there have been endless speculations regarding the latest smartphone from the fruit company. Every next person seems to have laid hands on something new and exciting piece of information about the iPhone 5. Even I have read […]

Apple’s new iPad – Specs


Everything which you love will come packed in the new Apple iPad and thus; it will be much entertaining for the users all over the world. It has been long time since we are listening to various rumors and speculations on the internet. But this time, Apple has launched the new iPad with great specifications […]