How to Efficiently Handle Negative Blog Comments

A blog: A forum where posts have an equal and also an adverse reaction! This definition may appear facetious but on closer examination is nigh on genuine. Indeed, the exponential proliferation of blogs coupled with the anonymity afforded by the World Wide Web has prompted several people to vent their frustration, vitriol, and anger liberally. […]

How to get more views on your blog

Many people who write a blog often say to them self ‘what’s the point? I’m not getting many views.’ This can be down to a number of reasons which will be explained throughout this article. D-TechzD-Techz is an admin at techybloggerz and a part time blogger who love technology and likes to try on new […]

How to Supercharge Your Blog to Superstar Status


There are thousands of blogs out there on the internet, with each blog offering something else to any user that stumbles upon it. However, with so many out there and each one being hard to find, how does anyone get people to visit and take a look? Well, the answer is simple. You need to […]

How to optimize and Rank your blog?

How to rank your blog

As we know that, World Wide Web has a significance importance in our life. Nowadays, people create different blogs and post the information on the internet. We are quite familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. In order to get Google Page Rank and blog optimization, people use SEO techniques. But the question arises, why […]

Tips to find advertisers for your Blog

advertisers for your Blog

One of the most effective ways of earning online cash through a blog is selling advertising slots to advertisers for putting up product ads and thus you get paid for it. But majority of bloggers find it difficult to get an industry relevant and good paying advertisers for their blogs. So I researched on this […]