Now Host Images Of WordPress Blog In Subdomain For Better Speed

If you are an ardent WordPress blogger, you will be very keen to share information along with wonderful pictures that portrays the information. We all know that dumping too much of images or pictures or graphical representations will eventually drop down the speed of your blog. This means, your blog will take a very long time to download where your visitors have to stay with patience until it […]

How to Efficiently Handle Negative Blog Comments

A blog: A forum where posts have an equal and also an adverse reaction! This definition may appear facetious but on closer examination is nigh on genuine. Indeed, the exponential proliferation of blogs coupled with the anonymity afforded by the World Wide Web has prompted several people to vent their frustration, vitriol, and anger liberally. […]

Top 3 Twitter Marketing Tools to Get HUGE Followers

Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter is a micro blogging website that has gained too much popularity in the past some years and now it is on the no.9 according to Alexa rankings in the whole world. Millions of people use Twitter for their social communication purpose. Bloggers and Webmasters use the Twitter for their website promotion purposes. Twitter has […]