Pimping Office Communication With Dental Office Two-Way Radios

The world is operating on a full digital age. If you do not have at least one digital appliance in your home, bank, place of work, hospital, school or location, then probably you are in a place with no human population. The digital age is being felt everywhere even in the dental offices. Dental office […]

Social media in past Vs Social Media in 2013

Social media in past and today Few years back social media was just confined to newspapers, radios and television only and required a lot of effort to make communication. Where as in today’s world it’s just at a distance of click only. Different forums like twitter, facebook and bloggers are made in this regard. The […]

Can Social Media Help Build Better Business Relationships

Social Media Believe it or not, but social networking websites are the websites that receive top hits around the world. Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn are fully attracting traffic towards themselves. But is the purpose of social networking is to socialize and pass your time? Maybe not. At least not for professionals who do not want […]