Gorgeous and crisp new apps for iOS 8

September 2014 was a good month for Apple – not only did they unveiled two new phones, but they also launched their highly anticipated new operating system: iOS 8. It was no coincidence that the new operating system came out along with the new phones, as certain features in the OS are designed to take […]

Xbox One games – what to buy and what not?

Xbox One is an incredible gaming console with lots of media functionalities for avid players. This next-generation console features all kinds of ingenious features such as Kinect integration, voice commands, recording capabilities, live streaming, and more. All of them are meant to enhance your gaming experience. Here’s a list with some of the best (and […]

3 Sonic Games You Shouldn’t Miss

Sonic Games

You would have read about how Sonic has lost its charm in the gaming arcades, how you should avoiding them because of their graphic inferiority, metal. While all that is true, there still are a few sonic games that are the best of the entire lot. Yes, sonic games do have its share of ups […]

Top Sites To Play Games Online

Play Games Online

If you are gaming addict, then internet is the best platform for you to get new games. The procedure of searching the games online and then downloading it to your computer and then playing, is an old concept now. Trend has changed and so the internet is. Not the era is of playing games online. […]