Wi-Fi: Providing Wireless Internet Access

In recent times, you’d be hard pressed to find any public place without a wireless internet connection. Libraries, airports, cafes and hotels all have their own wireless network that people are welcome to use. Wi-Fi is also gaining immense popularity as a home internet network. In fact it is expected that wireless networks are going […]

Why Verizon FiOS May Be a Better Option for You than Cable

With cable services, satellites and broadband getting expensive day by day and with most consumers spending above $100 every month on such services, the conditions were just right for Verizon to launch its FiOS services completely changing the way cable services operate. The advent of Verizon’s FiOS services marked a technological innovation in the industry when it bundled the three major utilities – home phone, cable television and […]

How to Ignore the Internet and Focus on Your Study

Internet is valuable for a lot of things including studying. When you are connected to a high speed Internet, you can easily download books, videos or software programs that could assist you in your studies. However, when the Internet is used for other things such as social networking, online games or reading manga instead of […]