Gorgeous and crisp new apps for iOS 8

September 2014 was a good month for Apple – not only did they unveiled two new phones, but they also launched their highly anticipated new operating system: iOS 8. It was no coincidence that the new operating system came out along with the new phones, as certain features in the OS are designed to take […]

IOS Vs JellyBean : Which Is Better?

Android JellyBean

New versions of IOS and Windows Phone are about to be officially released in the upcoming months, while the fans of the popular Android JellyBean can already enjoy the latest version on some of the new terminals. The war in the operating system world for mobile phones has begun, but with all these, only two […]

Top 5 Free Games for iOS

Temple Run

I am sure you must have fallen in love with your iPhone by now; after all it has got the world’s largest app store. There are well over 6 million apps supported by iOS, but there’s a bit of problem. It becomes really hard to choose the best ones from these. Some apps may claim […]