Information Technology in Poland

I recently attended an information technology conference in Warsaw, Poland. In Poland the information technology industry has been steadily growing. The ministry of economics seeks to draw attention to the innovations and success of this industry. Our host took us to visit the headquarters of several companies and encouraged several executives to speak with our […]

Can technology help our kids exercise?

Summary: Lack of active outdoor play is turning our children into overweight individuals with no interest in any form of physical activity. While it is easy to blame technology and media for this disturbing trend, it would make more sense to use gadgets wisely and effectively, to help our kids stay fit and healthy. Remember […]

Why Verizon FiOS May Be a Better Option for You than Cable

With cable services, satellites and broadband getting expensive day by day and with most consumers spending above $100 every month on such services, the conditions were just right for Verizon to launch its FiOS services completely changing the way cable services operate. The advent of Verizon’s FiOS services marked a technological innovation in the industry when it bundled the three major utilities – home phone, cable television and […]

How Technology helps Businesses To Expand Exponentially?

Technology helps Businesses

Technology, electricity, and enhanced communication tools have all played an expansive role in the growth of businesses. Small businesses now have the ability to compete with larger corporations in order to anchor their roots in the community as a successful community. These wonderful advancements have given businesses, small and large alike, the chance to take […]