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In the increasing use of Computers, some applications are such which are must have in each and every computer. The Remote Access application surely leads the queue there. There are thousands of free and paid remote desktop software available, but the TechinLine is without any doubt, the best out of that all. I personally use many remote software and then I came to know about it and found it best, so I decided to write a review on it so that I can help others to not to waste time and money on the cheap remote desktop clients and to use the best, Techinline only.


What is Techinline?

Techinline is the best remote desktop software, which comes with unique features, that you cannot get in other remote desktop softwares. It allows users to remotely access any computer anywhere all over the globe. You can do this from within your browser. The speed and features you get with Techinline you get, is just more than awesome.  It is recommended software for the home users and specially for the IT professionals, because by making use of such a good or say best remote desktop client, they can solve the problem of the clients remotely. The best feature is its ability to pass through the firewell or proxy settings. So in case of any kind of firewell settings or proxy in your system, when most of the remote desktop clients do not work, the Techinline works there as well, which make it to stand out from the rush of other  Remote Desktop Clients.


Some of the best features of the Techinline are:

  • Remotely access any computer anywhere all over the globe in easy steps
  • Send text message to the remotely connected system
  • Browser Based Solution
  • Simple user interface
  • Customization for the best results
  • Share and Receive Files
  • Reboot the other computer remotely

How Techinline Works?

The Techinline official website has the full explanation about its working. Lets have a look on its working.

1. Firstly get the Techinline username and password. You do not need to make any investment, as the 15 day trial is also there, which you can use before spending your hard earned money.

2. Open Web browser and simply login to Techinline.

3. It will ask you to download and install tool on your browser, just install it on your browser.

4. Now you need to enter the client id, i.e. the id of the person to the computer of which you want to connect remotely.

5. That’s it. Now you will be to able to access the computer remotely.

Why No To Other Remote Desktop Software??

Techinline has got many unique features, that make it unique and give the reason to use it only. The best features, which I really like the most are the easy and fast setup, simple user interface and not any problem with the security issues. The other thing is that it has the option for trial use, so we can try it before making any investment in it.


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