The 5 Best Apps for Valentine’s Day

Romancing your Valentine is hard work. Traditional wisdom has you planning a candlelit dinner for two in your love nest or in a fancy restaurant that is sure to be both overpriced and completely packed on the day of love. Then you have to show up with roses, candy, or some other thoughtful gift, like a beautiful pair of earrings for your lady or a sophisticated watch for your guy. Somewhere in there you’re supposed to be professing your love and appreciation for each other in ways that rival Shakespeare.

It’s exhausting work — and it’s no wonder so many people because anxious and resentful when Valentine’s Day rolls around every year. Fortunately, there are a few apps that can make the whole process a little easier, from picking the place to eat to finding a gift to sending that perfect romantic note. Here are our picks for the 5 best apps for Valentine’s Day:

Love Notes by Teleflora

Not sure how to express your love? Use this app to find the perfect words, expressing yourself in any style from “street” to “Shakespeare.” You can even shop for flowers from the app, pairing your beautiful missive with a beautiful bouquet. Free.

Send Flowers

Don’t get caught without a gift this Valentine’s Day. Use this simple app to browse for the perfect arrangement and have it delivered to your beloved at home or at work. You can filter your options by flower type, color, price, and more. Free.

Urban Spoon

Not sure where to take your loved one for a romantic meal? This handy app helps you find the best restaurants near you. You can get ratings and reviews, information about the menu, pricing and more. Once you make your selection, you can make reservations directly through the app. Free.


If you don’t feel like fighting the crowds or if you just prefer a more intimate atmosphere, you can use the Epicurious app to find special recipes to make your own romantic meal. Browse recipes by type then save your favorites to your virtual recipe box. You can also use the app to create a shopping list that you can check off as you shop. Free.

Hotel Tonight

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to end at midnight. You can plan a romantic night away by booking a hotel for you and your sweetie. This app can help you find hotels in your area that have vacancies right now. Browse for last-minute deals on hotels, get ratings and reviews, and book a room. Free.

Make sure that this Valentine’s Day is a smooth and easy one by using these easy-to-use apps to plan and execute the perfect night with you and your beloved. The apps are free, but the memories will be priceless.

What are some of your other favorite apps to help you plan (or maybe just get through) Valentine’s Day? Share your favorites with us in the comments!

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