The Battle Between Google and Apple Continues

This has been a great month for mobile operating systems. The two major smartphone companies Apple and Google have both introduced their more advanced smartphone operating systems.

The Battle Between Google and Apple Continues

But which of them is better will be revealed from the comparison below:

Siri vs. Google Now Voice Search

Google has not given Siri any serious thought when it comes to competition, because of lack of personality as compared to its Android competitor. Apple’s Siri sounds like a robot as compared to Google’s voice search. The female voice of Android voice search is more human than its Apple counterpart.

But Android’s voice search is not great at functioning. If both of them are to be compared then Siri sounds like a friendly voice, which suffers from slight hearing problem, whereas the Google Now Voice has a robotic voice that sounds good on ears.

Besides the voice quality, there is not much difference otherwise. Siri gathers its facts from Wolfram Alpha, whereas Google Now uses Wikipedia for source of information.  However, the difference emerges after the user receives the information. For Siri, there is nothing beyond receiving the information. On the contrary, Google Now not only presents information, but also elaborates on the result with a quick search with Google search.

Maps vs. Maps

There is a major competition between Apple and Google when it comes to the 3D view of the maps. Apple gives smashing 3D view of streets and buildings, captured through satellite. Although the picture quality of Apple is far superior to that of Google, but latter offers more functions than the first one.

Google’s map allows the users to view the maps in accuracy even in offline mode. The user can still navigate and locate places of interest. Moreover, Apple users do not enjoy the street view address by address while searching for a location.


Although Android came out with the notification earlier than Apple, but that does not mean the company also has the best services. Apple has applied single function that outsmarts Android – it sends notifications to the lock screen. iOS sends the information directly to the screen, while user does not have to unlock the device. This enables the user to retrieve the information in an offline mode, which keeps the device safe from different malwares like iPhone spyware.

Google Play v iTunes Stores

When it comes to applications, Google and Apple have separate approach. While Google saves all of its apps in one app store, Apple uses several locations to store iTunes.

Google has made it easier for the users, as they do not have to open different applications to find the one they need. They can easily access it on App store.


Although both the smartphone have their highs and lows, the users find it tough to make up their minds when it comes to Android or iPhones. The final selection depends on the users’ preference for certain functions which would be prominent in either of the cell phones.

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