The New and Better iPhone: Whats in store for us?

Since the moment the news has been out that Apple is going to launch another version of iPhone, there have been endless speculations regarding the latest smartphone from the fruit company. Every next person seems to have laid hands on something new and exciting piece of information about the iPhone 5. Even I have read and heard a few tit bits from here and there; let me share all I know, henceforth.


  • The most talked about feature of the latest iPhone is the screen. In spite of the fact that the late genius Steve Jobs was strictly against the screen being bigger than the older version, various websites take the claim that the iPhone 5’s screen will be bigger than the older models. This front panel even might give the home button a skip making the screen look bigger altogether.
  • All android enabled smartphones have already introduced the NFC support feature then you should not expect the big daddy of smartphones to lag behind. So it is fair to say that the iPhone 5 is going to introduce the NFC support in the latest version. If this actually comes through then, you would not require carrying your credit cards or hunting for an ATM in case you run out of cash while shopping.
  • The iPhone 5 is said to have some state of art screen resolution, which will make watching videos and playing games on the iPhone 5 a memorable experience.
  • Apple has been known to introduce all sorts of latest inventions in mobile technology in the iPhones, the iPhone 5 is said to come with some bizarre gesture based controls, which means that iPhone 5 will have no literal button on the screen, however learning to adapt such technology might take some time.
  • Even if 4G has already been implemented or planned to be implemented in a lot of smartphones, it will be introduced for the first time in iphones with iPhone 5. There are also some talks about the 4G coming with LTE technology, this will make internet browsing on iPhone 5 very fast.
  • Along with these major features, the iPhone 5 is anticipated to come with many more features such as fire proof outer body, remote charging, a quad core processor and nano SIM technology.

Apple has been known to surprise the world with the launch of every new iPhone, so let’s keep our fingers crossed about iPhone 5 and wait for it until October 2012, when it is due released.

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